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Sewer Line Replacement – Is It Safe?

What are sewer lines? 

In short, sewer lines are the pipes that move waste away from the drains in a building. Most homes have a main sewer line in the form of a large-diameter pipe, which is linked to your sinks, toilets and showers through connecting branches. 

In homes built after the 1970s, these pipes are typically made of plastic, while older homes may have clay, cast iron or fibre conduit pipes. 

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Why should I replace my sewer lines? 

Needless to say, keeping sewer lines in good condition is critical to making sure your waste water is funnelled away from your house. Signs of a problem can range from water failing to drain in your sinks or the toilet refusing to flush, to more unpleasant situations like waste backing up from your drains or rising smells in your yard. 

Over time, pipes can break, collapse or become misaligned. There are numerous reasons for this, including aging materials, tree roots, or shifts in the earth.

Regardless of the cause, a damaged sewer line will eventually start playing havoc on your home. As with most drainage issues,

It is worth knowing that replacing sewer lines isn’t always your only option. In some cases, no-dig pipe relining may be a better solution. A drainage professional can advise you on whether this is suitable in your situation. 

Is it safe to replace sewer lines? 

Replacing sewer lines is a complex operation, requiring an in-depth understanding not only of plumbing, but also of how the replacement process relates to other factors like building structures, soil conditions and underground utility lines. Specialist equipment and excavation knowledge is required.

On top of that, there are health and safety risks involved in working on sewer lines, as well as council regulations and building codes, all of which DIY-ers may not be aware of. 

In short, sewer line and drain replacement are jobs best left to licensed professionals with a comprehensive understanding of risk factors. If carried out correctly using best practice techniques and equipment, the replacement process is safe and will deliver long-lasting results for your home’s drainage system.

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Get the right advice 

Undertaking a main sewer line replacement is not something to be taken lightly, as it’s not cheap and usually quite disruptive to your home and outdoor landscaping. In some situations, though, it’s the only solution. You should seek professional advice to find out if this is the case.

The technicians at Drain Pro are equipped with CCTV camera technology, which enables us to see what’s going on in your piping before resorting to excavations. If you do need a line replacement, our team can then explain what’s involved and get the process moving in the right direction. 

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