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Blocked Sewer Melbourne

Drainpro are professional licensed plumbers and one of Melbourne’s leading sewer blockage companies. With over thirteen years of experience, Drainpro provides comprehensive and effective sewer drainage solutions and a fixed price for all sewer unblocking.

Blocked sewers can be very costly if left untreated, so early treatment is crucial to minimising damages and costs. The following signs may indicate a blocked sewer system:

  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds
  • Slow drainage of sinks, toilets, etc
  • Structural damage such as cracks on walls and floors
  • Sewage odour

If you are experiencing any of these signs, call Drainpro immediately for a prompt Melbourne blocked sewer inspection.

At Drainpro, we have the latest in innovative technology to unclog your sewers with lasting results. Our team utilises jetblasters- a high pressure water system that flushes debris and clears your pipes. However, if tree roots are the cause of your blockage, our trained professionals use a root cutter which removes the roots entirely from your drains. Other root removal methods create a narrow passage for drainage, leading to future blocks. The rootcutter entirely eliminates roots from your sewer. We guarantee results, saving you time and money.

Drainpro guarantees quality customer service, competitive rates and superior results. If you are in need of Melbourne’s blocked sewer specialist, give Drainpro a call on 1300 303 247 or fill out our instant enquiry form.

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