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Boundary Trap Replacement

If you’re experiencing problems with your sewer, boundary trap breakage or blocks could be responsible. The team at Drainpro is highly experienced in replacing boundary traps on properties around Melbourne.

What is a boundary trap?

The boundary trap is a key part of a sewer drain, and the one that most often needs replacing. It is essentially a seal that lies at the bottom of the boundary shaft, which runs vertically from the ground surface to a depth of 1-6 metres. It connects your property’s drainage to the main sewer line, with the trap being the meeting point.

The boundary shaft and trap are the last lengths of pipe from your property that can be repaired by plumbing technicians. From there out, any work becomes the responsibility of your local water provider.

Pipe Ground

When is boundary trap replacement needed?

Many older properties, or ones that have been subdivided or redeveloped, may have boundary trap issues as a result of pipes shift out of place, cracking or collapsing. The traps can also become blocked by foreign objects. In any case, a plumber will need to assess and treat the situation in order to ensure the sewage system is working effectively.

What’s involved?

A suitably qualified and experienced plumber can inspect, clear and diagnose problems with your property’s boundary shaft, before carrying out any necessary repairs or replacements.

While excavation may be required, the technicians at Drainpro are equipped with camera inspection technology, which allows the team to assess the situation first and only conduct excavations as necessary – saving you money and hassle.

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