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Pipe Relining vs. Replacement

Pipe replacement is safer than pipe reline

When it comes to your pipes, it can be difficult to know which repair approach is best for your property, price range and needs.

Whilst pipe relining and pipe replacements both effectively repair pipes, the manner in which the pipes are repaired are very different.

Therefore, choosing which approach is right for you and weighing up the pros and cons of sewer pipe relining vs replacement is pivotal to you getting the best results for your situation.

what is pipe replacement

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a fast and cost effective process that produces minimal disturbance to surrounding areas.

Pipe relining can’t be used in all situations, but for situations where it can be used, no excavation is required.

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The process involves covering up any damage to the pipe from the inside by inserting a flexible tube into the pipe that allows it to function properly.

Pipe Replacement

Pipe replacement is best used when sections of your pipes cannot be repaired, either because they have collapsed or become badly cracked due to corrosion or tree root damage.

At Drain Pro, we use CCTV technology to determine the section of the pipe that needs to be replaced. This is to ensure that the excavation and subsequent pipe replacement is done quickly and efficiently, so that there is minimal impact on your surroundings and lifestyle.

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What’s the difference?

Whilst both pipe relining and pipe replacement get the job done, the way in which each technique fixes your pipes differs.

These differences will determine which technique is right for you, whether it be relining a sewer pipe vs replacement.

There are three important factors that need to be considered: time, cost and damage.


When it comes to time, pipe relining is quick in comparison to pipe replacements. Pipe relining requires minimal digging, whereas for a pipe replacement, trenches need to be dug around the pipe to reach it. This is a timely but necessary process when pipe relining techniques cannot be used.

If the pipe is repaired using pipe relining it will be fully functional again within a few hours, with pipe replacements taking longer to produce usable pipes.


Whilst both procedures are more cost effective than simply letting your damaged drain get worse, pipe relining is cheaper than pipe replacement due to the smaller scale of the project.

The costs of each method will be determined by the level of damage to your pipes and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


When performed by experts, both pipe relining and pipe replacements cause minimal issues to your drains and your property.

Both methods also decrease the chance of any additional damage occurring within your pipes. With pipe relining adding an additional protective layer within the pipe and pipe replacements replacing your old, worn pipe with a new high-quality pipe.

pipe replacement safepipe replacement safe

Get A Professional Opinion

When no two situations are the same, the safest option is to get a professional opinion on which pipe repair method is right for you.

At Drain Pro, our years of experience mean we make accurate and informed decisions about whether pipe relining or pipe replacements are the most appropriate solution, and have the technology and expertise to do both.

Give us a call today on 1300 620 273 or request a quote using our online form to learn more about relining sewer pipe vs replacement methods.

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