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No Dig Pipe Repair

Pipe Repair

As the main conduits for moving waste water and excess rainfall away from your home, pipes are central to your home’s drainage system.

They can become damaged over time and may need replacing, although in some cases they can be repaired using minimally invasive restoration techniques.  

no dig pipe repair

No Dig Approach

It is possible to carry out underground pipe repair without digging. This is done by essentially creating a new pipe within the existing pipe using pipe relining technology. The lining material is ‘inflated’ to diameter inside the old pipe, so no digging is required. 

This approach has a number of advantages over the traditional approach involving excavation.

The main one being that it’s far less invasive, and therefore less disruptive to the surfaces, soil and landscaping. When it is the right solution for the problem at hand, it is also cheaper and more convenient. 

The no dig approach can be used to address a range of problems, including blockages, tree roots and rusted or broken drains. 

safe sewer

When should I dig? 

The answer to when to dig really depends on your individual problem. That’s why it’s important to have the situation assessed by a qualified drainage technician.

In cases requiring direct pipe access (such as sewer line replacement), digging may be the only option, or it may be more cost-effective than the no dig solution. 

At Drainpro, we’ll always look for a no dig drain solution first. If, after CCTV inspections and assessment, this approach is deemed unsuitable, we may then recommend excavation. When excavating, our technicians use best practice excavation techniques to get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Professional Diggers

To dig or not to dig? The experienced team at Drain Pro can help you make a fully informed decision about which approach is best for your situation. Our technicians have extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge across both no dig pipe relining and replacements.

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