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Is Grease Blocking Your Drain?

grease in drain


Grease, fats and oils are among the most common causes of household drain blockages. Build-up from these gradually accumulates over time, and most people don’t realise this is happening until it starts causing problems

In any case, a drain clogged with grease can be pretty unpleasant, and something you’re going to want to get sorted fast.

Where does the grease come from? 

There are numerous ways that grease, fats and oils can end up in your drainage system.

In most homes, these substances are involved in daily kitchen and bathroom activities –  for example, cooking oil on pots and pans, as well as fats used in certain kinds of soap, bath products and oils that run off skin and hair in the shower. 

shampoos and conditioners with oils

How does grease block my drains? 

While it’s no surprise that these substances end up in your drains, it can be a rude shock when it starts interfering with your plumbing. Fats, even if in liquid form or when carried as small particles in warm water, tend to cool rapidly and solidify inside your pipes. Over time, these solid blocks can accumulate, eventually blocking the flow of water. 

Common symptoms of a grease blocked drain include:

  • Sinks or showers being slow to drain, or not draining at all
  • Unpleasant smells rising from drains
  • Unusual gurgling sounds coming from drains

In most households, it’s near impossible to avoid some grease, fats and oils getting into your drains, so it’s worth knowing what to do if it becomes a problem.

Removing grease from drains 

Hot water

For minor grease blockages, the solution can sometimes be as simple as pouring a potful of very hot water down the drain. Vinegar or dish soap designed to dislodge grease can be added. It’s worth trying a few rounds of this – in some cases, it is all that’s needed.

hot water

Drain cleaners 

Where simple hot water-based solutions aren’t effective, commercial drain cleaning products can be useful. It’s important to know that these often contain harsh chemicals that aren’t good for your pipes or the environment, and they may not do much for severe blockages.

Hydro Jets 

High pressure water jets are among the most effective and efficient solutions for clearing drain blockages. The power of the jets dislodges stubborn grease, with no chemical cleaning products needed. 

While hydro jetting is not a DIY solution – you’ll need to call in a professional technician with the right equipment to do the job – it is non-invasive, convenient and gives lasting results. In the long run, it tends to be more cost effective than other quick fixes, which can leave the problem not properly addressed. This can allow the problem to get worse over time, or even eventually damage your pipes. 


Another advantage of having a fat clogged drain looked at by a professional is knowing for sure what’s causing the blockage, and how severe it is.

At Drain Pro, our technicians are equipped with CCTV-assisted drain inspection technology. This allows us to accurately diagnose the problem and address it efficiently, ultimately saving you time and money.

CCTV Camera Inspection

Get the right advice 

The experts at Drain Pro have extensive experience in removing all types of blockages using state-of-the-art equipment and industry leading clearing techniques. To make a booking, give us a call on 1300 620 273 now, or fill in our online contact form. 

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