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Get the Whole Picture with a CCTV Pipe Inspection

A CCTV pipe inspection is a non-invasive observation of the pipes and drains in your home to find the root cause of an issue. The CCTV pipe inspection footage is extremely precise, and is also the fastest plumbing evaluation method available.

A small camera is fed into the pipes to uncover the source of the blocking and evaluate the overall health of your pipes. The technology allows the plumber to get a close look inside the drain in a way that was not previously possible.

How Does It Work?

A plumbing camera inspection works by feeding flexible head camera into the drain along the length of the pipe. The camera is is fed into the plumbing via a spool until the problem is found.

The footage captured by the pipe inspection is sent directly to the attached screen for a real-time review of the plumbing and any potential faults. This allows our plumbers to make informed decisions for further action.

The video can be saved and replayed to find an answer to your plumbing and drainage issues.

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Plumbing Camera Inspection Benefits

Plumbing camera inspections offer a range of benefits that are not possible via traditional methods:

  • The latest technology ensures plumbers have the resources to closely inspect the pipes and drains within your home. Drain cameras are able to assess the health of a number of drains and pipework to identify issues such as leaks and blockages. 
  • The deterioration of your drains occurs every day, especially when grease, fats, oils, non-flushables and tree roots invade your pipes. By thoroughly examining the locations within your pipes through high quality video footage, our plumbers hold the complete internal picture of any issues. 
  • Plumbing camera inspections reduce the need to excavate your drains in order to find the problem, which is significantly more cost-effective. 
  • The drain inspection produces a reliable diagnosis of the issues within your sewage system in a safe manner.

If you find your pipes are draining slower than you’re used to, it’s time to get a plumbing camera inspection to prevent larger issues such as drain replacement. The longer these issues are ignored, the more costly the repair services will be.

Any faults that are evident to plumbers through the CCTV pipe inspection will be discussed with the customer to offer the best solution within any budget constraints.

Drainpro Services

CCTV pipe inspections are the key to saving time, money and preventing future plumbing issues, which makes the inspections the go-to technology for Drainpro plumbers. Through plumbing camera inspection technology, we’re able to eliminate guesswork and create targeted solutions for customers.

The Drainpro team are specialists within our field, highly experienced with innovative prevention and detection methods that ensure top quality, lasting results for our customers.

If you’re having trouble with blocked pipes or other plumbing issues that just won’t go away, contact Drainpro today on 1300 630 273, or fill out our online enquire form for a quick quote.


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