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Is Your Storm Drain Blocked?

block stormwater drain

Blocked stormwater drains can cause problems for your home and surrounding areas.

If your storm drain becomes blocked, it may be unable to prevent a buildup of water flooding around your property and has the potential to cause structural damage and erosion.

Common Blockages

If you’ve noticed that your storm water drain is blocked, it’s likely because of one of the following common reasons.

Firstly, your outside drain could be blocked with mud, clogged with soil or blocked by organic matter such as leaves and sticks.

mud clogged drain

This debris blocks your storm drain during a heavy downpour and can build up and become worse over time, resulting in a storm drain that is unable to move water away from your home.

Unblocking stormwater drains 

Whilst unblocking stormwater drains by yourself is possible, it can be very difficult and if you’re not careful can cause more damage to your drain. 

The best way to look after your drains is to prevent the buildup of organic matter by clearing your gutters and installing gutter guards. 

It is a good idea to call a plumber when you notice blocked stormwater drains. Your plumber will evaluate the blockage and identify the best way to clear up the problem.

DrainPro Unblocking Your Storm Water Drains

DrainPro’s team of highly skilled plumbers know what to do when your storm water drain is blocked.

drainpro unblock drains

With over twenty years of experience, DrainPro plumbers use CCTV camera technology to understand and locate the source of the problem.

Our plumbers then use appropriate methods to unblock the stormwater drain, often using high pressure water jets to effectively remove tough blockages. 

Give us a call today on 1300 620 273 or request a quote using our online form to learn more about how DrainPro can fix your blocked stormwater drain.

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