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Are Leaves Blocking Your Drains?

Leaves Blocking Your Drains?

During the Autumn and Winter months, it’s a common issue to have leaves blocking drains. Our outdoor pipes and drainage systems are an important part preventing flooding around your home.

leaves blocking sewer

Keeping drains clear of debris and dealing with any stray leaves early is the best way to handle this problem. Letting the leaves pile up can also cause a slippery hazard that is difficult to clean up.

Blocked Drains

When your drain grids become blocked by leaves and other debris, they are unable to effectively carry water down the drains. This can cause flooding around your house, particularly when faced with heavy rains.

It doesn’t take many rotting leaves to completely clog a drain, which can cause significant damage to your garden and pathways over time. It’s best to deal with leaves blocking drains sooner rather than later, allowing your drains to function properly.

Prevent Leaves From Blocking Drains

As with most things, preventing the issue is far easier and cheaper than fixing it. That’s why it is important to know how to stop leaves blocking drains. There are multiple things you can do to prevent outside blockages, including cleaning your yard often and choosing the right type of trees when setting up your garden. For a temporary solution, you can put on a pair of gloves and pull the debris up by hand.

You can also inspect your drain regularly. Sometimes you might need more than just a quick glance. That’s what Drainpro is for, offering thorough drain inspections for your complete peace of mind. 

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We use our CCTV drain camera to get the full picture. Often drain issues are further down the pipe than is accessible from the surface. If you’ve taken all the possible steps to clean out the drain and still found blockages, it’s time to call the professionals.

Unblock Your Drains

If your drains become clogged with leaves and other organic debris, call in the experts to get the problem sorted right. Drainpro offers professional drain clearing right across Melbourne. Trust the professionals to take care of it for you. 

If you’re in need of a drain inspection or unblocking, give the friendly Drainpro team a call on 1300 620 273 or complete our contact form.

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