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Is Hydro Jetting Safe For Pipes?

Drain Hydro Jetting

High pressure drain cleaning, or ‘hydro jetting’, is a powerful solution to many stubborn pipe blockages, using high-pressure jets of water to blast obstructions out of the way, break up blockages and cleaning the inside of pipes. The normal process involves a drain camera inspection to see what may be causing the issue. This blockage could be from organic matter, soil, tree roots or other types of buildup. After the problem has been found, hydro jet drain cleaning equipment can be inserted into the pipe. Sewer jetting is also possible, to remove problematic sewer blockages.

Hydro jetting services allow for powerful, pinpoint removal of blockages, without the use of chemicals or cleaning agents; the only resource used is clean water. This means your pipes will end up cleaner than ever before, without any chemical residue or odours. It’s also a useful tool for routine cleaning, as the water jets will clear away any tiny pieces of buildup, ensuring that they have no chance of becoming a problem in the future. 

However, with the large amount of force being pumped through the hose, the question can fairly be asked: is hydro jet drain cleaning safe for pipes? What are the pros and cons of using such a powerful tool inside your plumbing system? 

The Benefits

Hydro jetting is one of the most efficient solutions available when pipes need to be cleaned or unblocked. Reasons include:

  • No need for chemicals or cleaning products.
  • Drain jetting equipment is extremely powerful and able to clear most blockages by itself.
  • Drain cameras ensure that even the most stubborn obstacles can be cleared with pinpoint accuracy.
  • The method leaves your pipes clean and functioning at maximum.
  • Hydro jetting is environmentally friendly, with (often recycled) water being the only ingredient required.
  • The method is cost-effective and can save on time, money and hassle by eliminating the need for heavy excavation.

Is the Method Safe?

There’s no denying the power of drain jetting in clearing pipe blockages; it’s what allows the method to be so effective, even when removing stubborn objects like tree roots and metal buildup.

If used incorrectly, or without the proper training, hydro jetting does carry some risk of damaging the inside of pipes, or even causing physical injury. This is why high pressure drain cleaning should always be carried out by a qualified drainage professional with access to the right tools and equipment. This ensures that the job is carried out safely, with no impact to the function of your plumbing.

Our Hydro Jetting Services

Drain Pro recognises that hydro jetting is an incredibly powerful, versatile, effective and cost-efficient tool for clearing away drainage issues, which is why we’ve made it one of our most important services. Using our state-of-the-art drain camera solutions, we’re also able to locate and blast away pipe blockages with far greater accuracy than other methods. All of our contractors are highly qualified and trained in the use of high pressure drain cleaning equipment, ensuring that your pipes will be left in the best possible condition once the job is done. 

If you’re experiencing drainage issues, or if you’re in need of sewer jetting, let the friendly team at Drain Pro take a look at the problem – we’re fully equipped with all of the knowledge, training and tools to get your pipes working again. Give us a call today on 1300 620 273, or send an online inquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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