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Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drains?

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper was created as an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional tissue-based toilet paper we are accustomed to.

While bamboo toilet paper follows a very similar manufacturing process to regular toilet paper, bamboo-based products are considered to have more benefits not only for the environment but also for the user.

type of bamboo paper

What Are the Benefits?

    Soft Texture

Bamboo offers a touch of softness on the skin that traditional toilet paper does not. This soft texture is why we are increasingly seeing bamboo also make its way into bed sheets, clothing, and home decor items.

    Environmentally Friendly

Unlike trees, bamboo is a highly renewable resource that can grow up to one metre per day. It is easy to maintain the bamboo population and avoid overconsumption due to its efficient growth cycle and lower water requirement.

During its growth period, bamboo does not need to be sprayed with fertilizer or pesticides. Even after the bamboo has been cut and is in the manufacturing process there is no need for bleaching or additional chemicals as bamboo naturally holds strength and softness unlike regular toilet paper.

    More Likely to Break Down With Water

While all toilet paper will eventually break down, bamboo toilet paper will break down significantly faster than normal toilet paper. Plus, it will naturally decompose and eventually leave no trace of existence on the planet, let alone your pipes.

So, does bamboo toilet paper block toilets? The answer is almost always no. Bamboo toilet paper should cause far fewer drain blockages than regular toilet paper.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Safe?

Although bamboo toilet paper breaks down easier than regular toilet paper, as with anything it can cause damages when used improperly.

You should never try to dispose of toilet paper of any kind in a sink, as the pipes are much narrower. If kept to where it is intended to be used, however, bamboo toilet paper is perfectly safe.

Blocked Toilet Drains?

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