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How Do You Detect a Water Leak Underground?

Underground Water Leaks

Pipe leaks inside your house are often easy to find, as they have fairly obvious signs such as puddling water and mold growth.

Underground pipe leaks, however, can often go completely undetected, increasing your water bills without you even realising there is a problem.

underground leak causing mold

Fortunately, there are some subtle signs you can look out for which may mean you have a leaking pipe underground, somewhere on your property. So, how do you detect a water leak underground?

Signs You Have a Water Leak

It is important to always keep the subtle signs of a water leak in mind, otherwise you could go weeks or months without realising what is going on. This is even more important if you have a broken underground pipe, as obvious signs of damage are rare.

       Water Puddles

Water puddles don’t usually draw our attention, but if the weather has been dry recently they may be a cause for concern. Random water puddles outside are one of the most common signs of an underground water leak, so don’t ignore them.

     Soft or Muddy Garden Patches

When walking out in your garden, make sure to take note if there are any isolated soft or muddy patches of dirt or grass.

muddy patch from leaking pipe

The whole garden being soft may just be due to recent rain or dew, but a single patch is more likely to be caused by a broken underground pipe.

       Pavement Cracking

Pavement cracking is always going to draw your attention, but a water leak may not be the first thing you expect to have caused it.

Although cracked pavements can be caused by other issues, it might be a good idea to see if you have a water leak, caused by a broken pipe underground.

       Increased Water Bills

If you ever get your water bill and think that it is unusually high, it is always worth checking your water meter using the steps below.

If you determine that you have a water leak somewhere, get in contact with professional plumbers, such as the quality team at Drainpro.

Contact your water provider as soon as you notice any major usage irregularities, they may be able to reduce your bill.

water bill

Making Sure You Have an Underground Water Leak

If you suspect that an underground pipe has cracked, you should test your water meter to see if this is definitely the case. Follow these simple steps to know how to check for a water leak.

       Step 1: Find the Water Meter

If you don’t know where your water meter is, search around the front of your house. Water meters are usually easy to find, located close to the curb or sidewalk. It can often be found near your garden tap.

       Step 2: Take the Meter Reading

Once you have found your water meter, take note of the numbers displayed, which are usually black and red. You can either write the reading down or take a photo.

       Step 3: Give It Time

After recording the meter reading, wait about ten minutes without using any water on your property. If possible, it can also be a good idea to turn off any appliances that are connected to your water, such as hot water systems, washing machines and certain refrigerators.

       Step 4: Take the Meter Reading Again

When ten minutes or so have passed, take another reading of the water meter. If the numbers have changed, the chances are that you have a water leak.

Get in Touch With the Professionals

If you suspect that you have a water leak, whether in your house or underground, your best course of action is to contact a professional plumber as soon as possible. The Drainpro team can solve any problem from clogged stormwater drains to broken pipes.

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For all your plumbing needs, get in contact with Drainpro on 1300 620 273, or complete our simple online contact form, and our friendly team will help however they can.

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