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How to Find a Broken Drain Pipe Underground

What are underground pipes?

Most homes have underground pipes for sewerage, storm water, mains and/or garden water. These transport water to and from your property. While their placement underground keeps them somewhat protected from the elements, it also makes it harder to identify problems when the pipes do become damaged.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to underground pipe damage, including soil erosion, tree roots and corrosion. Events such as earth tremors can disrupt the ground and place pressure on pipes, causing them to crack. 

Even a small crack can create a leakage or weak point that leads to more significant damage over time. It’s therefore worth knowing what to look out for, and what to do if something seems to be out of line with your underground pipes. 

How can I tell if my underground pipes have collapsed? 

Because you can’t see underground pipes, it’s important to be alert to above-ground signs of damage. A collapsed pipe may be indicated by any of the following: 

  • Cracking or displacement of paved areas
  • Sinkholes or water pooling on your property
  • Slowed drainage in your sinks, shower and toilet
  • Sewage backups or unpleasant odours cross multiple drains
  • Odd noises coming from underground
  • Unexplained infestations of insects or rats, or mould growth

How to find a damaged drain pipe underground 

It’s easy enough to figure out that you’ve got a leaking pipe somewhere in your system, but locating the source of the damage within the network is another story. It’s essential that this be done before repairs are begun in order to minimise unnecessary excavation, which can be costly and invasive. 

Locating a broken underground drain pipe is a job best left to experienced drainage specialists. At Drainpro, we use CCTV camera technology to investigate your piping. This is an accurate, efficient, cost-effective method of diagnosing issues with pipes. It means we don’t need to excavate until we’ve located the problem and determined that excavations are necessary to correct it. 

A damaged or collapsed drain pipe under slab or building foundations will require more intensive excavation to access than one that is simply buried under soil, so it pays to know exactly what type of excavations are necessary before getting started.

What happens if my damaged pipes are not repaired? 

Left unaddressed, underground pipe damage can have serious consequences for your property. This is particularly true if your pipes run underneath the foundations of your house, in which case settlement of the foundations and/or cracking of the house structure may result. It’s therefore imperative that you seek professional advice if you suspect your underground pipes may be damaged.

Even if your pipes don’t run under your house, leaks won’t fix themselves. Over time, this will lead to a lot of wasted water, which will be reflected in your water bill. 

Fix your drain pipe underground

The technicians at Drainpro are experts in all aspects of drainage plumbing, and know how to fix a broken drain pipe underground with minimal disruption to your property. To make a booking, just give us a call on 1300 620 273, or use our online form to request a quote. 

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