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What To Do If Your Sewerage Is Blocked

What To Do If Your Sewerage Is Blocked

My sewage drain is blocked! What should I do?

As drainage specialists, this is something we hear all too often. The fact is, there’s no single, catch-all solution for fixing a blocked sewage system. The cause, location and severity of the blockage all play into how the problem should be dealt with.

What happens when sewage is blocked?

It goes without saying that water must be able to flow freely through a sewer drain. Clog it up with debris of any kind – from hair, kitchen scraps and grease to toiletries and other foreign objects – and you’ll soon find that your wastewater is draining more slowly (or not at all) from your household drains. You may also notice an unmistakable sewage smell rising from them.

Over time, this can lead to a blocked sewer pipe. This means your wastewater isn’t being transferred away from your home, instead building up between you and the blockage.

Alternatively, if the blockage is located in the external sewerage system, sewage may rise up through the Overflow Relief Gully (ORG) outside your home. If you don’t have an ORG, it will instead flow into the interior of your home – definitely not what you want!


Whose sewage pipe is it?

Digging Up Sewer DrainHow the problem is managed depends on who has responsibility for the pipe in question. In most cases, your property’s sewerage system will be connected to your local council’s infrastructure. If the problem is in your internal plumbing, you’ll be responsible for the cost of fixing it, but if the cause is the council-owned sewer, they should foot the bill.

This isn’t always easy to figure out. Typically, though, slowed or stopped drainage from your sinks, shower or toilet indicates a problem with your pipes while sewage spilling out (even when these points are not in use) suggests a problem with the council’s sewer. A licensed plumber will be able to identify the source of the problem.

What’s the next step?

Cement blocking sewer pipeDue to the complexities and concealed nature of plumbing, your best bet is to call in a professional to diagnose the problem and determine how to deal with it. In many cases, CCTV technology will be needed to inspect the pipes.

Once the blockage has been identified, it can then be cleaned out using specialised techniques and equipment suited to the purpose. Be very wary of DIY solutions for sewer blockage clearing, like pouring chemicals down the sink. These can in some cases make the problem even worse.

Even when a blockage is cleared, the root cause of the problem may still be present. If any part of your sewage system is damaged or broken, your plumber can repair it or replace individual parts as needed.

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