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The Easy Way to Clear a Blocked Sewer Pipe

clear blocked sewerStumped about how to clear a blocked sewer pipe? No worries! Whip out this cheat-sheet next time you’re having plumbing problems.

Boiling water

For minor blockages caused by soap or grease going down the drain in your bathroom or kitchen, boiling water can sometimes do the trick – simply pour a potful down the drain. A few rounds of this may be enough to dislodge the blockage. If it works, lucky you!


If the blockage is caused by something more solid (e.g. organic matter) stuck in the piping, the trusty hot water approach may not have much of an effect. That’s when you may want to break out the plunger to help it along – certainly worth a go if the blockage is within your reach.

Natural enzymes

Many people swear by staples such as vinegar and bicarb, and it’s true that the enzymes in these substances can often work wonders in shifting stubborn soap and grease blocks. This is a non-toxic approach that’s easy on your plumbing system, as well as on the environment.


Most sinks are designed with an above-ground piping configuration that can be dismantled for cleaning. If you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do some dirty work, this can be very effective in clearing out your pipes (warning: it’s unlikely to be a pretty sight). 

If you’ve tried all of the above to no avail, it might be tempting to reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. However, you should be aware that these products are highly toxic, and generally not a sound choice for the environment or your health. 

Still blocked?

What’s the alternative? Easy. Calling in a professional is the easiest, safest and quickest way to get your problem sorted. A qualified drainage technician will have a thorough understanding of how to unclog a drain pipe at the source of the problem, along with the right equipment to do the job efficiently. This includes:

Hydro jet

These high pressure water jets are extremely effective in dislodging even the most heavy duty blockages, without the need for invasive excavations or toxic chemicals. 

Camera inspections technology 

CCTV camera technology provides an inside view of your pipes, allowing technicians to pinpoint the precise location of your blockage and discover what’s causing it. This allows for a highly targeted solution, which in turn saves you time and money. 

The result of using such equipment is an unblocking or repair job that’s more much more efficient, more effective and less invasive than operating on guesswork – which, for most people attempting a DIY method, is the name of the game. 

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