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Blocked Drains Junction Village

Sometimes there are problems around the home that you can’t fix by yourself. Drains can often become blocked in different ways, which can cause disruption to everyday life and even escalate to damaged pipes and flooding if left unchecked.

If you’re in the Junction Village area, Drainpro are here to help with all your drainage needs. Common causes of basic blockages are buildups up soil and organic matter, invading tree roots and sometimes rust from the inside of an old system. There’s no one way to unblock a drain, which is why Drainpro is fully-equipped with all the best tools of the trade to tackle any problem.

For drain unblocking, our high-pressure jet cleaners have the power and finesse to safely blast through most forms of blockage without damaging the surrounding pipes. Our technicians also use root cutters to cut through stubborn tree roots, while our CCTV drain cameras let us see right into the heart of the problem and come up with the most efficient solution.

A few of our top services in Junction Village include:

  • Drain unblocking and repairs
  • High-pressure drain cleaning
  • CCTV drain camera inspections
  • Root cutting
  • Custom drain services
  • Deep excavation

Our technicians are highly-trained and have almost twenty years’ experience in the Junction Village area and beyond. For a name you can trust, call Drainpro on 1300 303 247, or use our online contact form to send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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